Calm and inner stillness are important companions to my craft. I am drawn to work, not for reasons of any outward goals, but to quench an inward need for discovery and expression.
            I continually return to places and moments of peace, timelessness, and emotional opening. Neutral or tranquil environments have become the settings for my images, with organic forms and gentle abstractions as my tools.
            The images are both visually quiet and seductive in nature. They are interplays between the concrete forms, the reality of the moment, and the feelings that they create.
            By the use of unusual camera angles and the removal of many contextual clues, I am attempting to release the viewer from a quick categorical identification of the subject. The intent is to evoke in the viewer a response simply to the image before him, not to the object photographed.
I work to attain a state of heart;
A beginning, a seeing beyond learned
identifications and meanings.
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